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In 1980 Herbert Meulenbroek started his own company: Meulenbroek Jachtbouw. The first big order was the building of the fuselage of a motor yacht of 10 meters. Through a recycling company in Enschede, Herbert came in contact with a German firm that had about 60 waste compactors in the Netherlands. Meulenbroek started doing service and maintenance for the German company. At that time Herbert’s younger brother, Maarten, entered the business.
In addition to the service and maintenance the German firm offered representation of the machines in 1981. The youngest brother, Joost, subsequently entered the business. Soon it became apparent there was a demand for small waste compactors in the Netherlands. Meulenbroek consequently designed and built the first waste compactor. Now the first compactor was a fact, the KPC 4500 with a nett content of 4.5 m³. This compactor was sold as ‘Meulenbroek’ in the Netherlands. As it became apparent that there was a large market in Germany, especially after the fall of the Berlin wall, the first export was realized.
In May 1985 relations were established with a Swedish firm. The first export to Sweden followed in September that year. Sweden today still imports our waste compactors. Export itself becomes continually more important. At this moment you will find our press containers working in: England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Chili, Curacao, Japan and China.
Meulenbroek Machinebouw BV, De Giem 7, 7547 SW Enschede

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