Thanks to the compact construction and high compaction ratio, our mini-compactors are very suitable in areas where placement of regular waste compactors are not possible, such as in parking garages, office buildings or restaurants.

There are four types of mini-compactors: MSP500K or MSP700K (stationary) and the MSC2.3 or MSC5.3 (mobile)

The MSP500K or MSP700K minicompactors are equipped with a MSP-C container that can be connected to the mini-compactor. the volume of the MSP-C containers are 3m³ (which is equal up to 27m³ of unpressed material).

The MSC2.3 is suitable for processing dry mixed recyclables. Due to the patented self-cleaning presspart, the waste compactor is also very suitable for municipal solid waste (with a higher humidity) up to a specific weight of 110 kg/m³.


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MSP500K – MSP700K

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